Saturday, 11 April 2015

Inspiration : FROZEN

Little M is crazy about Elsa and Anna. She wants me to make her hair like Elsa all the time but the problem is her hair is not as long as Elsa. She has a solution for it! She puts some long scrap yarn that she got from me and makes her own hair extension :) She is usually singing `Let it go` and dancing around. They have frozen customs at school and guess which custom she wears, of course Elsa!

My husband was away for a week last month. He said he couldnt find time to get something for Little M and he bought an Elsa doll from the airport. When she first saw the doll, she said `This is not Elsa, Elsa doesnt have a hair bun, she has long hair` We persuaded her it was Elsa with a bun. But it turned out she was right, it is Princess Cinderella actually. My husband saw the same color dress like Elsa`s and didnt pay much attention to the name on the tag :) In the end, Little M is happy thinking she is Elsa with a bun :D 
I thought making some stuff from Frozen would make her happy and came across lots of tutorials about it. I have choosen some for Little M and wanted to share it here. 
The first thing I thought was Elsa`s crown and here is some lovely patterns with Elsa hair, no need extensions :)

The pattern is free on Over the Apple Tree blog

Hours of fun with Frozen inspired playdough.
You can find the tutorial here. 

Pretend Play Frozen capes..
You can find the tutorial here. 
These are my plans for Little M. I hope to make them very soon :)


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