Thursday, 15 January 2015

Amigurumi Projects

When girls sleep in the evening, in peace and quiet I have my yarn and crochet or knitting needles. I don`t have only one project at a time, there is a basket on my table full of projects waiting their turn to be finished. Also, some other is in my head jumping up and down singing "knit me too, knit me too". :) Sometimes I fall asleep right after the girls without no craft time.
Nowadays I am addicted to amigurumi. I am making dolls, rattles, softies as a gift for friends. I get inspired for new pattern ideas while making them, I have my notes but need time to try and write the instructions. They need to wait for a while until I finish some of my projects. :) Here is some I have made.
I love, love this doll. It is an easy one that you don`t need to sew legs, you join them :) Sewing is my weak point with amigurumi, I hurt my fingers. I have made a few differences from the pattern. I made proper hand part larger than arm. I didn`t make a proper dress, I made the arm and body in purple so she is already wearing a top :) I made the skirt to from the dress after I sew all the parts. It is the first time I tried curly hair, I thought it might be a bit messy so I made a hat for her. Under the hat is no hair :) I love her, she looks like a bit Asian I think :) You can find the pattern here. 

This cutie is a pattern from Mari-Liis Lille. It is called cuddly baby. I love the heart shaped body, round hand and feet. I will make some more. You can find the pattern here. 
I love the rattle with arms. I made some other rattles before but this time I wanted something different and found this free pattern by Is it a toy. I put some beads and buttons in surprise egg yellow box for the sound. I forgot to take photo of the finished toy, it is already in my friends house waiting for his little man to come and play.You can find the pattern here.  


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