Thursday, 11 December 2014

Inspiration : Crochet afghans with embroidery patterns

When I start or finish a project, I send photos to my sister and sister-in-law. I also share some of my to do list which is getting longer and longer each day. After me sharing everyday with every step of my projects, my sister-in-law also started feeling like crafty. She wanted to make some blankets. What she needed was an easy but cute pattern. I have seen loads of amazing patterns while I was searching for her but I felt in love with the idea of using embroidery patterns in crochet afghans. It is great for using leftover yarns but also worth buying new set of yarns to make it :) That is on my to do list but I don`t know when I can make it. I want to make it as bed spreads for the Little M and Little N. 

Here are some photos that may inspire you and also remind myself of my next project. 


It is a great way of turning our favorite embroidery pattern into an afghan that we can snuggle in cold and enjoy it :)  


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