Monday, 18 August 2014

New life

It has been 10 weeks now since Little N joined our family, just after 4 days my mum came. I realize that we already forgot baby cries, nappies, enjoying sleepless nights, how small Little M was.. We are watching her videos together to show she was a baby like her sister, she couldn`t walk and talk. She watches them laughing and giggling; I watch them trying to hide my tears :) Oh those days..


My parents went back home 12 days ago, since then it looks a little harder to finish the day with two girls  but it is getting better as we get used to being alone without our family. Until school, we are trying to spend more time outside if it doesn`t rain. During the day, I always promise to myself that I will go to bed as soon as they sleep but it is never possible. When they sleep I want to enjoy silence for a moment.
I also have too many to do list in my head, knitting or crochet projects that I missed already. I need to take photos of the things my mum knitted for the princesses. Yeah, I know I wont have much time for my craft things for a while, at least until school, but I organized my yarn boxes so I can pick my yarn for the projects easily. 

I was trying to finish a pattern while I was pregnant but didn`t have chance to wash and pin the scarves and take photos at that time. After almost 3 months I could manage to list the pattern on my shop. I love knitting leaves and came up with three sectioned circle shawl. If you would like to check it, it is here. 


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