Saturday, 29 March 2014

Hooded Car Seat Blanket

I read many books, websites, mums ideas on forums while I was pregnant with Little M. One of the best books I have read so far about babies and also toddlers is written by Dr.Harvey Karp. (The Happiest Baby on the Block, The Happies Toddler on the Block) Dr. Karp says that babies are born 3 months early, they need 4th trimester. Some babies can adopt the world quickly, some don`t and that causes colic. He came with a solution of 5 S system (swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging and sucking) to help colic symptoms. 

Some people think swaddling baby is an old fashioned thing to do. But I believe it the opposite way. I swaddled Little M for a while and then we used the sleeping sack knitted by mum. My Granny knitted the same one for us, my mum used it for 4 kids :) And she made the same design for me to use and remember Granny. Little M could move her hands freely in the sleeping sack but didn`t wake herself up. She was used to being swaddled and 
she couldn`t fall asleep very easily when we didn`t swaddle her, with the sleeping sack it was a step for her to sleep without swaddling but still being cozy.

The little baby sister will join us on summer time and it is predicted to be a hot summer in the UK. I thought I should try something different. I had seen some car seat swaddle blankets and liked them. We didn`t have a car when Little M was born so I couldn`t make this project for her. Now I had a chance to try it :)

As usual, I did my research on pinterest. There are too many tutorials, most of them used Running with Scissors`s tutorial. I also liked the hood idea of Imperfect Homemaking. As I was planning to start sewing, I realized I didnt have enough fabric. At that time I also needed to make some sheets for Little M`s new bed. Then I decided to use my fabric stash from mum which I have been keeping for 5 years :) I made patchwork bed sheets. When it was time for the blanket my sewing machine decided not to sew properly. :/ There is something wrong with the tension, I tried everything I know, googled about it but nothing helped. :( At that time we moved to a new house and I was busy with packing,cleaning and unpacking.. I tried a few times to sew the blanket but I was not lucky. A friend in London told me to send the sewing machine to her so she could check it as she is professional. My husband went to London last week for work and he took the machine with him. The next day, my friend sent me photos of the machine working :) 

I haven`t made the blanket yet as my machine is still in London at my friends house, I wanted to share the project with you. As soon as I make it, I will share mine.


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