Friday, 4 October 2013

My circular needle broke!

I was knitting a lacy shawl for my etsy shop with black mohair yarn. Then, I felt something is not right and auughhh!!.. My circular needle was broken and over 600 stitches were off the cord!! I had just a few rows to finish the shawl and was planning to start another one. I was shocked for a while, I thought undoing all the yarn or throw away all the project. Then, I took a deep breath and told myself it was almost finished. I quickly and carefully picked up stitches to a longer straight shawl needle. It took almost an hour to do that.

Now, I need a new and GOOD one because this is the second time that I have the same issue with circular needles. I told what happened to Etsy knitters and asked for help. They suggested some brands.

  • Lantern Moon
  • Addi turbo
  • Knit picks interchangeable needles
  • Takumi bamboo needles
  • Chiaogoo Knit Red lace needles
I made a quick search and ordered Addi Turbo needles from the UK website. Two of Etsy knitters said they were using it for a long time and didn`t have any problems so far. 
Some Etsy knitters also suggested interchangeable ones. I want to have Knit Picks for a while but they are a bit expensive. I think it is time to invest in some good needles, especially circular ones, as I have a shop for 2 years. Maybe I should ask from my husband to buy me as a gift on our anniversary :D 


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