Saturday, 12 October 2013

Blog Feature

A few months ago I was contacted by Crochet Addict. She asked me if I wanted to write about myself, my projects, my shop on her blog. When I read her message first I said `no,no` but didn`t reply her. I told my husband about it, he said it would be a great opportunity. Ok that was right, but what could I say about myself? "I am married, have a lovely daughter, I love knitting and crochet." That is it! I don`t have an interesting story about my shop or my knitting, I am not one of those successful sellers that everyone would want to read about my story. Then, I thought; maybe one day, I will or not be more successful at my Etsy shop than now I am, but I could write how I love knitting, how I relax with crafts.

Susan sent me some questions that would help me to write the post. When I started writing, I couldn`t stop myself :) I realized that I had lots to tell about my craft history, my shop. When I opened my shop my photos were so dull that I wasn`t proud of my shop to promote. Some things has changed since than; my photos are better, I have more sales, I receive convos about my items. That is my success story. It is not a very big one but it is mine :) 

If you want to read about my story, here it is at Crochet Addict. 


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