Thursday, 15 August 2013

Lavender Pyramids!

I have met new friends recently and I invited them to my house so we can get to know about each other more. They have kids same age as Little M so she will have fun time with the kids.
I have a tea party tomorrow with that 7 lovely ladies. I hope to post the recipes that I will make for them on my blog after Friday!

Who doesn`t love meeting with new friends? :) As it is the first time they will visit my house, I wanted to make it special and decided to give some small handmade gifts for each of them. At the beginning I was planning to make something with crochet. I checked
my pinterest, searched for more on other people`s boards and found some new projects to save on my boards. At the end of 2 or 3 hours I saved many projects to do but had no idea about the gifts. :) Sounds familiar with the pinterest?

Finally I decided to make pincushions,but after a while changed my idea of making lavender sachets instead.

I had a bag of lavender that I had bought a few months ago and I have lots of scrap fabric to use. Once again, I went on a hunt on pinterest boards for sachets this time. I wanted to make something easy and a little different than a square ones. Finally I found it! Thanks to chichidee for the amazing tutorial! 

I made 2 for each lady and it took 1 hour. They are super easy and fun to make, I love them! 

Now, I should go back to the kitchen :)


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