Saturday, 13 April 2013

I found a yarn heaven!

When i first moved to the UK from my home town, after being married, I was shocked with the yarn and fabric prices. 
I was bored at home when my husband went to work, I didn`t have friends yet so the first thing came to my mind was to do some crafts like knitting, crochet and sewing. We went to the shops to find some materials but they were too much expensive than my home town. I bought some cheap yarn from Pound-shops to make little projects but the quality of the yarns was really bad. I still made a few things for home but nothing like scarf or clothing.
My mum sent me some yarn and fabric; I found some cotton yarn at car-boot sale and I used them for a while. When we went to visit my family, I bought lots of yarn to make some baby clothes and blanket. My aunt gave me all her scrap yarns. We had a luggage full of my materials :) When we came back home, I had enough materials to make things and enjoy my free time.
After a while, my husband had an idea of selling the things I made on internet or craft fairs. I knew about etsy at that time but I wasn`t very confident to sell online, finding good quality of yarn with reasonable prices was a bit problem. When we went to visit my family for the second time, I bought some more yarn to make things and sell on etsy. That`s how I started my shop. Since I opened my shop, I try to keep my prices low so I need to find good yarn cheaper than shops. When we go to my home town, I cant bring too many yarn butI still buy some whenever it is possible :) To get it clear I can buy a wool-acrylic mix yarn for £1.00 or £1.50, not more; a mohair mix yarn is around £1.50. See the difference?
I sometimes check charity shops and eBay but I cant trust if they come from pet and smoke free home. 

In fact my husband says I have enough yarns to make some more. Yes, I have 3 boxes full of yarn but they are not enough, I need more! :)

Last week I found a yarn heaven on the Internet :) They sell some Turkish yarn cheaper than the shops from London. I didn`t think for a second and bought 8 balls of yarn. I told all my knitting friends and they bought some too. I received my yarns yesterday and they sent me 2 balls free :)
They don`t have much stock yet, I sent them an e-mail when I bought the yarns to thanks and ask for more color options and they said they will bring some more yarn soon. Yay! You can check their website here :


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