Saturday, 20 April 2013

Crochet Animal Pencil Toppers

I bought some crayons for Little M when she was 14 or 15 months old. I waited a few days before I gave to her thinking about some potential dangers like chewing the crayons or drawing on the wall. Then I gave up thinking and decided to let her play with them. She really enjoyed and still enjoys drawing.
I also bought her some coloring books, but instead of coloring the images she prefers drawing her own picture on white areas. She can draw a head with eyes mouth and sometimes big ears calling them grandma or grandpa. 
Last week, when she was drawing next to me, telling me about her picture(!),  an idea came to my mind: I should make some animal pencil toppers for her.
I ran to my leftover yarn box and found the colors I wanted, then started to make a bear. I tried a few times to get the exact size, head of bear wasn`t big enough but Little M still liked it and played with the head till I finished the frog. Then I made a bunny. Little M was watching me and jumping on the sofa with excitement while the pieces were sewn to each other. 
They are really easy and enjoyable. I wanted to share that joy and wrote the pattern for them. Pattern is now available on my shop or Ravelry.


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